If you are looking for a tax professional, we welcome new clients and would like to make the process as easy as possible for you.  Below you find a list of documents that you might need to submit, different ways to deliver them, and what to expect next. Please contact us with any questions. 

Tax documents could include:

New Clients

  • Prior year tax return
  • Dates of birth for taxpayer, spouse, and dependents
  • Phone Number and email address


  •  W-2 Income forms
  • All 1099 forms – FYI, if you have a copy, so does the IRS! 
  • K-1 form for S-Corp, Partnership, or Trust income
  • Self Employed Income and Expenses (Schedule C
  • Rental Property Income and Expense (Schedule E
  • Farm Income and Expenses (Schedule F
  • Gambling Income

If you Itemize (Schedule A)

  • Property Tax Bill – Also needed for Maine Prop Fairness Credit
  • Mortgage Interest – Also needed for home-based business
  • Charitable Donations- 300 and 600 with std ded no longer applies
  • Medical Bills – deduction over 7.5 % of income

Other Information

  • Did you make any quarterly estimates?  If so, how much and when? 
  • Childcare facility costs
  • Change in any dependent status (i.e. Still a student?
  • 1095-A Marketplace Health Insurance 
  • IRA contribution or distribution
  • H.S.A medical contribution or distribution
  • Education cost 1098-T or 1098-E
  • Solar or other Energy Efficient Home Improvement
  • Any relevant information not listed above! 

Ways to deliver documents

  • Drop off at Richmond Office – Drop box available if after-hours
  • US Mail – Can be copies or originals 
  • FAX – (571) 210-1239
  • Upload electronically – See our website for the link on the top right - SEND FILES
  • Please email (info@AbearAccounting.com) to confirm receipt. 

What happens next?

  • After a review, we will contact you with any questions.
  • Paper documents will be scanned and mailed back along with the tax returns. 
  • Once complete, we will mail back the tax returns along with an invoice and an e-file authorization form (8879).  Please sign the authorization form and mail back along with payment.  Electronic copies (PDF) of tax returns available on request.
  • In peak season, it could take several weeks to process and get everything back to you.  We appreciate your patience! 
  • If you are out of town, you can request to e-sign the 8879 e-form via email.
  • For direct deposit, we need the bank account and routing numbers.
  • If you owe and would like to pay electronically, please let us know.
  • If you would like to have next year’s quarterly estimates automatically paid, please let us know.  There is not an additional fee for e-payment. 
FYI - The Maine tax return includes the Property Tax Fairness Credit and Sales Tax Fairness Credit, if applicable. Please submit your property tax bill to apply.